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Harmonium is dedicated to the celebration and promotion of music from South Asia and the South Asian diaspora.

Be it chutney or qawwali, ghazal or jazz, Pakistan or Nepal, India or Bangladesh, hip hop or rigsar you’re interested in, this is the place to be.

Whether you’re a curious new comer to the music of this part of the world or are an avid fan Harmonium is the place for you. Read, browse, or contribute. Or do all three!

Our blog is regularly updated and is a well regarded source of information.   In our Features section you’ll find articles, interviews and reviews of all things musically South Asia.

In our Genres and Artists and Countries sections you can read about the wonderful wide world of South Asian music and the people who make it.  If you don’t find someone or a genre you’d like to learn more about, be patient! We’re working on updating these sections all the time.

Check me out and ‘Like’ me on Facebook. Our Facebook page is updated regularly and you’ll be able to find music videos, interesting interviews and music-related news from around South Asia.